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Specialized skin and hair sculpture clinic with many years of valuable experience is proud to provide the following services to your loved ones

The warmth of life in the Clinic Tandis

Receive the Customer Satisfaction badge at the 5th Global Customer Satisfaction Summit

Gentle dream with Clinic Tandis

An experienced cadre of talented and talented doctors and technicians at the Dermatology, Cosmetology and Cosmetics Clinic brings together the latest in cutting-edge laser hair removal, hair transplant and hair loss services. , Rejuvenate and inject gel and Botox, etc. to provide compatriots. Honest service is at the forefront of this clinic's ethical charter.

Skin, Hair & Beauty Clinic

In our ethical charter, honest service is a top priority. Just give us a once-in-a-lifetime honor to prove your claim

Laser hair loss

Apogee American Kandela, Elite Plus

Skin Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate with the latest devices in the world

Hair transplant

High-density hair transplants with FIT-FUT methods

Brow transplant

Plant your eyebrows in the correct shape you want

Slimming & Fitness

Using the world's most effective devices

Clinic Tandis Priority, Customer Satisfaction

Statue clinic receives customer satisfaction badge at Fifth National Customer Satisfaction Summit

Tandis Gallery

Statue Clinic with experienced staff of technicians and technicians using the latest and latest devices and technologies in the world

Laser Rejuvenation

Clinic Tandis

Gel & Botox injections

Clinic Tandis

Laser hair loss

Clinic Tandis

Slimming & Fitness

Clinic Tandis

Brow hair transplant

Clinic Tandis

Lift with yarn

Clinic Tandis

Why a Clinic Tandis?

Group Forum in Clinic

An experienced cadre of talented and talented doctors and technicians come together in the sculpture, hair and beauty clinic

The most specialized skin & hair clinic

Using the latest and most advanced devices and technologies in the world, valuable services in the field of laser hair removal, hair transplantation ...

Customer Satisfaction with Clinic

Honest service is at the forefront of the clinic's ethical charter. It should be noted that this series has won the customer satisfaction mark

Clinic Tandis Customer Reviews

A nice beauty clinic for laser hair removal, I introduced everyone to it. I was very pleased with it. I had a very good laser. I was really pleased with the original ingredients.


The statue specialist clinic in the western town is very good. I've been a steady customer for three years now. They really do what they say and they have experienced staff


I did my Botox job at the clinic. I was satisfied with the quality of the medicine and with the work of my doctor, it was exactly what I wanted very well.


For a while, I was looking for a laser hair removal clinic that introduced me to sculpture, modern machines and experienced staff.


I went to the statue clinic for a hair transplant and assured me that I would not regret my choice. After a year I realized that it was the best clinic


The statue clinic has both consultants and good weight and fitness equipment.


Contact with Clinic Tandis

The gift of your contact with the statue is your beauty

Shahrak Gharb
No 105, Jihad St,Dedman St, Tehran
Tell:+98 2171014

No 215, West Lavasani, Farmanieh, Tehran
Tell:+98 2122720124 - +98 2122720513